How to begin the divorce process

In order to begin the divorce process, you need to prepare documents about the divorce. The petition is filed in the state court, in the district where one of the spouses lives. The petition should indicate the names of spouses and children, list all personal and common property as well as provide information about alimony for a spouse or child.

Petition for divorce

Divorce papers must be handed over to the spouse for review. This phase is called “service of process”.

If both spouses agree to a divorce, then the recipient needs to sign a document on receipt of the petition. If the spouse refuses to sign this document, a professional process server should be hired to personally deliver the divorce document.

Next, there is a waiting time, which imposes certain restrictions on the spouses and helps to calculate the date of the final separation. During this period, spouses are not able to perform certain actions that can significantly affect the life of the second spouse after the divorce. Among these actions are:

  • sale of any property;
  • removal of children from the state;
  • loan secured by property;
  • sale of insurance belonging to another spouse.

Petition response

The other spouse, referred to as the respondent, may file a petition stating that he agrees with the petition. In this case, the divorce can take place without a trial. It is the best way for a cheap divorce and it can make this process much faster. Also, thus, it is possible to dissolve without a lawyer. The answer must be filed within 30 days after the submission of the application. With the answer, the spouse may also express his dissatisfaction with certain points of the petition.

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The next step of a divorce

If both spouses agree and are able to agree on the terms, then the divorce can take place without a lawyer. In this case, you should only submit additional documents and fully disclose information about assets, income, property, expenses and liabilities.

Further, the court establishes a decision on the termination of the divorce proceedings. But even after this decision, the marriage can not yet be considered terminated. The state sets a waiting period during which spouses do not have the right to enter into another marriage after the end of the divorce proceedings. If you don’t want to pay any fees to lawyer, you can go through the divorce online, just refer to the link

If one of the spouses does not agree with the terms of the divorce, then most likely, the case will be subject to legal proceedings. In this case, it will not work to go through the divorce proceedings without a court hearings or even trial. Actually, marriages with no children and marital assets can be dissolved quickly but if there there are children and a lot of marital assets to split, divorce process can take much more time.

Final step

After the judge made the final decision, the parties must sign the relevant documents. They contain all the details about the division of property, children, payment of alimony for children or spouses. This document should be read with extreme caution before signing. If the parties have any objections to the conditions specified in it, it should be stated before signing the divorce papers and the divorce process should be continued.


If the parties are not satisfied with the decision of the court, they have the opportunity to file a petition for review of the case. This petition should be submitted to the same court, and in most cases it will be rejected. After that you should appeal to the state appellate court.

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