Bridgepoint is an international private fundraising unit focused on a investing the market leading force, as well as collaboration with the management teams, to perform high-quality value within the companies portfolio.


We are mostly seek to investing into the companies valued up to a  €1 billion, where we can create outstanding performance rating within the Bridgepoint ownership.

Bridgepoint Development Capital

Here our focus is on lower middle-market buy-outs and growth capital investments in businesses valued up to €150 million.

Our Team

The main reason behind every success – is people. We assembling and teach the most qualified teams for every investment we take. As well as the ability of getting together people from different spheres, who will be the most effective in the current sector, and transform their experience into a companies value, creating attractive opportunities for the further investments and company portfolio on the long-term relationships.  

Our values and culture

We’re true to our values, which we instil in our team, our behaviour and in how we conduct our business.

Our location

We have our major presence in every European market. With a network of 9 European bases and a portfolio office in Shanghai, we can deploy resources effectively when identifying and completing transactions – as well as manage value creation in the businesses we support.